Monday, January 11, 2016

Home churching with Legos

The Parrinos are in a season of doing church as a family at home. Usually, this involves reading the bible with the kids and dancing around in the basement to Go Fish worship videos. Two Sundays ago, we tried a group reenactment of Genesis 1. Yesterday, we had planned to read about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden out of The Big Picture Story Bible. We didn't really want anybody to have to be Satan in a skit, so we decided to build the scene with Legos... Duplos in this case because the vast majority of the boys' Lego sets don't have flowers or trees or animals. 

A portion of our homemade Sunday school involved Joe putting on an impromptu puppet show with a Ninjago snake mini figure, giving him the crafty voice of Satan. I was totally uncomfortable with this, thinking it would freak the boys out ... but the older two really got into it (Ollie had already wandered off to play with Magna Tiles at this point). Joe's snake voice told Stephen and Rockam that he would give them whatever they wanted as long as they decided to disobey God. 

"What do you want... Sssss....Rockam?" The minifigure rasped. 
Rockam, true to form shouted, "I want a sword so I can CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF! HYAAA!"

Love that kid.

Stephen's response was that he would try to outsmart Satan and ask for something he wanted, but then turn around and obey God anyway. Of course, we liked Rockam's answer better, but I think in reality, we all would answer more along the lines of Stephen's "strategy." We didn't jump on the chance to correct him, but gently reminded him of how crafty and clever the enemy can be. 

Using Legos was a great way to make a lesson less of a chore and using creative play helped Joe and I discover what is inside our boys' hearts. I think Lego modeling might become part of our go-to Sunday home school curriculum in the future.

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