Saturday, January 2, 2016

One Word for 2016

A thought and action I've set my mind on this year: ask. 

It doesn't hurt to ask. And yet for me asking can be painful. Sonetimes I'm too timid to voice my concerns or request help. Sometimes social situations clamp up my soul and mouth. Sometimes I dread the answer. Sometimes I'm too busy and distracted to ask the important questions. And sometimes I ask rhetorically without waiting for or even believing there will be an answer. 

When who I believe was God whispered the word "ask" to my spirit, it seemed like such a slim little word. Not weighty or poetic or on trend. But when I let it linger in my mind's ears for a while, more meaning tumbled after those three clipped letters:

Ask deep questions. Ask the seemingly stupid question. Ask on behalf of others. Ask permission. Ask God... And receive. Ask people about themselves. Ask for help. Ask myself why I want something. Ask forgiveness. Ask and listen to the answer. 

Then ask some more.

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